Hello, and welcome to TaraWave Surf School.  My name is Gary Bruckner and it is my pleasure to coach you into the world of surfing, one of the cleanest and most thrilling sports on the planet.

For me, the relationship with Our Mother Ocean started in Childhood.  Now, with over 50 years of surfing experience, including many years of surf coaching, surf travel and exploration, tandem surfing and surf competitions, I know more than ever the “most supreme pleasure” that surfing brings.  It is truly like no other.

As a business, TaraWave Surf School perfectly blends my love of surfing with my experience in teaching.  As well as being an internationally qualified Surf Coach, a qualified Surf Lifeguard and holder of a Red Cross First Aid Certificate, I have also taught primary school for nearly 30 years and have a Master’s Degree in Education.  With this background, TaraWave Surf School was a natural progression.

Now approaching it’s 15 year anniversary, TaraWave Surf School has taught thousands of people the thrill of riding waves.  It is our hope that after our time together you will be as stoked on surfing as we are, and use the knowledge from our session to keep searching for the perfect wave.